Some sample projects that have been completed, from ISP to VLE including ecommerce.

National VLE

Created JavaScript AMD modules using requirejs including wrapping up a legacy javascript front-end framework, implemented the event driven mediator design pattern to promote loose coupling.

Created and implemented PHP/MySQL backend using request and response objects to handle data in a JSON format.

Data Migration - Netsuite and MySQL to Mongo

Migrated a Netsuite CRM datastore including all files and combined it with local MySQL data then distilled it all to a Mongo store. This saved the company tens of thousands of pounds per year.

API Development

It's all about the data!  Connecting to various data stores including MySQL, Mongo, Google, Amazon and the local filesystem our lightweight API enables secure and rapid development of solutions for web, mobile and desktop apps.

Security Audits

Using automated tools such as nmap and Websecurify for various companies I've identified and resolved a number of issues on the first pass, I then like to get down into the code and servers and check various things manually, common mistakes include poor validation and sanitisation of variables within code, not encrypting sensitive details within databases, allowing directory listings, allowing connections from all IP addresses, poor username and password policies.  All can be resolved but it's best to get these things sorted sooner rather than later, unfortunately there are some mistakes that you can only make once and it's best to be caught and embarrassed by a white hat than a nefarious hacker.

Monitoring Tools

Created a simple tool that checked if specific websites were available and serving PHP content, if business rules including response time were not meet than a alert was triggered.  To achieve the results a specific image was uploaded to each of the servers along with a PHP script which read the image and displayed it, a monitoring script then connected to the read script and checked the response times and hash of the file, if the hash did not match or the response time was to large, as well as additional rules, then an alert was raised, all test results were stored in a database that reports on stats for the last hour, month and year giving a valuable overview of the platforms performance.

I've also installed and configured various open-source tools over the years.

Digital Bloom

Small project to showcase primary school children's 'digital paintings', each child created and tagged a digital flower that was planted in a searchable meadow.  The flowers were positioned randomly within a defined area and shown with perspective, the flowers were animated using modern standards and when clicked on would grow and reveal details such a name, title, description and tags.  Delivered using a customised version of the Openbuild PHP API, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and jQuery Templates.


Developed a multi user solution that allowed for multiple files to be uploaded, tagged, searched and then inserted or embedded into related tools.


Various CRM solutions either from scratch, pre-existing bespoke or open-source.

Time planning and booking

Picking up a project written in the Zend Framework I optimised the database structure and completed the booking and repeat booking functionality.

Modern Baccalaureate

Web application that allowed students and teachers to enter a list of qualifications and then convert the awards into a Modern Baccalaureate equivalent.  Delivered using Symfony2 components, MySQL and Nginx.

Evidenced based learning

Developed an iOS app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads that enabled students to take videos, photos and record audio then add titles, descriptions and tags to the resources and upload them to a cloud site for embedding into webpages.

Health and Safety

Developed a UK nationwide solution that allows users to create a profile page detailing their personal information, qualifications, training and licences, they could then share their details with any companies that they worked with.  Companies could then check which of their employees matched their requirements for roles or training needs.  Developed in PHP, MySQL, jQuery and jQuery Templates


Completed a couple of projects for a large UK based insurance company while the lead developer was on annual leave and reviewed the security of the current platforms.

Sailing Almanac

Developed a centralised server and desktop solution that enabled planning of routes around european waterways and seas.  The server enabled waypoints and tidal flows to be updated as well as pulling in localised weather information this was then all pushed down to the desktop software that enabled the user to plan their route and view relevant maps and data.  Delivered using Zend Framework, Open Data APIs and Adobe Air.


Developed an iOS app that enabled the creation and allowed a user to record questionnaires, the results could then be reported on within the app or exported.


Due to my experience at building successful ISP PlusNet I was approached by a large multination to support the development of a white label ISP for the UK market, I helped in specifying the solution and setting up the development team.

Community E-commerce

Reviewed an existing codebase with the view to adding e-commerce functions, recommended installing Magento and building custom modules for the required functionality, this was accepted by the client and delivered.